About Me

Born in 1973, I am a designer and member of FAD and AFAD Barcelona since 2010. I studied Sculpture at the Llotja School of Art and Design.

My graphical design work allowed me to discover the art world.

Some of my first design clients in Barcelona were artists and art dealers such as Mario Pasqualotto or Lorena Ruiz de Villa.

In the case of Mario Pasqualotto, I have created the catalogs of works for exhibitions both locally (Banyoles) and internationally (China, Hong Kong). Lorena Ruiz de Villa opens my eyes to contemporary art, I discovered artists as Jaume Plensa, Marina Abramovic, Elena de Rivero, Juan Muñoz, Susana Solano.

From design, I have always felt admiration for minimalism, white, black, simplicity, geometry, and space. This is reflected in the works I have done so far.

In 2017 I finished the higher degree of sculpture at Escola Llotja in Barcelona, ​​a school where artists such as Miró, Picassó, and Jaume Plensa have studied. The final higher degree project is OREKAN, which won the prize of being chosen for the exposition of emerging artists BCN Emergents B17 held at La Xina Art (Barcelona).


Sculpture – Llotja School of Art and Design 2016-2017


#ARTdemia – Artgia Gallery (Vitoria-Gasteiz) 2020
Iberia Viva Awards 2019 – Iberia Airlines (Madrid) 2019
Barcelona Emergents 17/B – La Xina Art (Barcelona) 2017

Tangencies 2017 – Eixample Art Festival (Barcelona) 2017

Big Bang Building Light! – Mario Pasqualotto –  Pavelló Mies van der Rohe, February 2020.

Marco Sanz


Pere Pich
Benxamin Álvarez
Mirora Roig

Carlos Viladàs
Aimar Esteban
Luis Vieites
Manolo Mingón
Albert Cerdan Ortega

Lorena Ruiz de Villa
Mario Pasqualotto

Ateneu de Fabricació Les Corts.


Curvados Quintin S.L. Gernika (Bizcaia).

Curvados QUINTIN


PROPAMSA. Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Barcelona).


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